October 14 2016 Au Revoir to the Chesapeake

So saying au revoir to the beautiful, beloved Cheaspeake today with a 20 knots wind – in a rare stroke of luck it is behind us – thank you God. We are departing from lovely Eastern River in Mobjak Bay for intimidating Hampton, Virginia. The big seas (apropos of hammock game from my youth with my brothers involving swinging one us to tippy tippy vertical but not quite over chanting loudly – always loudly- rough seas!) stayed with us all the way down required focused steering and wrestling the wheel. We again acknowledged Roger Hewson and the Sabre designers and builders in Maine for the thoughtful design details like curvy seat aft pefectly balanced for heeling over, and just enough space to brace feet and yell at husband, get your butt down! Hampton Va. is lovely, I think all of Virginia is, to be honest , but the entrance is a little scary. 20 knot winds on our stern and big waves from fetch all the way down the Bay) pushing in an entrance that goes from deep bay depth to 15 feet quickly, escalating the waves at the mouth of the river, then rolling you in over the bridge tunnel with the Navy war ships sharing the channel with you. La la la. Saw a dolphin off our bow on the way down, obviously the Jolly Mon greeting us on our journey. Won’t discuss tawdry details of docking in the marina, will just say no bow thrusters, big wind, very narrow channel and lots of gawkers. If you’ve been there, you get it. In marina very fun vibe with folks on much larger boats prepping to go south on the Salty Dog Rally that leaves here and goes directly to the BVI’s in 10 days, folks in our rally we are looking forward to getting to know better, and laundry. Never so happy to do laundy in all my born days – stuff gets exponentially more gross on a sailboat, not sure why. Looking forward to on shore day tomorrow getting bikes out to re provision (one pair of shorts for this trip, debra and christi where was the packing supervision?), dinghy to farmers market in morning.


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