Leave Eve and Terra Incognito


We ran around like crazy people on Monday, attending a cruising seminar at the Maritime Museum in Eastport for a half day, sadly learning our anchor is not the new whiz bang thing being hawked by one of the speakers, and left before the segment on Cruising as a Couple because if we didn’t get ice on the beer on board, there would be no “couple” on the cruise.  Checked things off list, hemorrhaged more money, said goodbye to the dog and kids (all quite sad) and set sail at 7 am Tuesday morning for the Solomons.  Did some motor sailing, tide with us, and landed in beloved Solomons around 3 pm and were first to anchor in our little spot by Horn Point Lab.  Took the dinghy ashore using non-winch new method (thanks Dad!) to insert into water and went in search of West Marine and grocery store for a couple of forgotten items of course more spare parts.  Sadly, grocery store closed and stuck my head in gas station geedunk and bought pretzels.  Had a little sanity check and reminded myself that boat is actually better stocked than most grocery stores, (and liquor stores), fought gathering instinct, and went back to boat with Kevin.  Discovered we were now one of 7 boats in our little anchoring area, with more arriving by  the minute, truly an exodous south from the boat show.  Who knew?


Left Solomons (i.e., I wake up at 5 am itchy to go.  Kevin snoring away, I make coffee, prep oatmeal, get oars and gear off dinghy and generally bang around enough (we only have 38 feet so it doesn’t take much) and we drag dinghy on deck, winch up dinghy motor to store on stern pulpit etc.)  Apparently all sailors are early risers as there were at least 10 boats leaving at same time, running from a wall of fog.  A big, billowing, black out wall of fog. The Fog might still be there but we managed to stay just ahead of it.


Re-lived all the land or water marks for this very pleasant motor sail with following winds and seas and sunny skies – this is to say that it was on these same waters that I wanted to vomit on shake down cruise, this is where I was sailing into oblivion (i.e., across the Bay and it is so wide you can’t see the other side here) while Kevin was changing filters below while we had 20 knots of wind.  Sadly, no one struggling north as we had been, so no “smug wave” opportunities for us demonstrate. We will save that for another day. Followed some nice folks in our rally, ended up crossing Potomac and Rappahannock, and currently anchored in Fishing Bay in Piankatank.  From now on we are officially going the same place every day, “Someplace we’ve never been before.”  Watch out world!!!


Time to contemplate our sponsors today on the trip down and want to thank them.  Mom and D  ad for the fold upbikes, grill, and all dad’s technical assistance with Kevin’s projects.  The kids and Cathleen for that fabulous yeti cooler (we narrate what she says about her abilities for entertainment); the G/P for the great soup and chili – they were the perfect lunches for day one and two underway, Debra for all the vacuum packed food and cheese and pots and pans; Nancy and Tom for our gloves and of course beef jerky – and likely lots of others. We look around the boat and feel your love and good wishes, and thank you and miss you all.

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  1. Kevin and Sue, have a safe and fun-filled journey. Keep us posted on your adventure and have a drink for me at every stop 🙂 Sue make sure he takes is “act-right” pills daily (Kevin will explain) LOL Miss you Kevin!

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