Gittin Ready

We’re at a less than 40 day count down, which sounds sort of Biblical, after all Noah built the Arc in a similar time frame and all we have to do is load her up and go.    Turns out going is pretty complicated with winding down from jobs, getting the house prepped,  arranging endless paperwork….  We started a list on a long motor back from the Little Choptank to Annapolis.  As satisfying it is to cross things off, we just as often turn the page and add more to the bottom line.  It is exciting though, and we actively ponder what is going to be completely different than what we envision and what we will miss the most.    The boat definitely feels like home now though and my perspective when shopping or being out runs to “could I wear that on the boat” or “do we need another of that on the boat”  or “is a $50 frying pan Debra recommends for the boat really worth it given my cooking ‘skills'”, versus that would be good for a client meeting or court, or the dining room would look fresher with this or that.  We celebrate little accomplishments like figuring out how to winch the dingy onto the foredeck (I do the winching, quite a work out) and having Kevin point out that this is what I need to do if he falls overboard and incapacitated to the point that he can’t climb the ladder and I have to winch him back aboard.  (Really going to try to avoid putting that in practice.)


At the beach now immersed in family and the dog, enjoying the noise and having everyone around me.  Going to miss that I know.  Looking forward to meeting new friends on the Rally and the waterway.

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  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing! Now i can truly keep up with you guys! Hope you continue to share amd keep us abreast of you guys adventure.

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