Pre-Departure Projects

Our ambitions for sailing are to travel the ICW to Miami, continue on to the Bahamas, and island hop a bit within the Bahama chain.  We set out to upgrade the boat to the point where this type of journey would be safe and pleasant.

  1. Standing Rigging – We had very little knowledge regarding the standing rigging.  Worst case, it was original to the boat which would have made it 27 years old.  Eventually we decided that one thing we wanted to be certain about was the capability of the rigging to hold up in a blow or an emergency situation. So we hired The Rigging Company in Annapolis to largely re-fit the standing rigging.  This included stripping and re-painting the mast.  This work was accomplished from February through May 2016.
  2.  Running Rigging – While we had the mast down, we also had the running rigging replaced along with a few upgrades.  All the halyards were replaced.  The outhaul, boom vang, and reefing lines are new as well.   A spare main halyard was installed.
  3.  Reefing system – We converted to a “single line reefing” system where we can reef the Mainsail without having to leave the cockpit. This system has already proven its worth while on several shakedown cruises on the Chesapeake.
  4. Preventer system – We installed a system to make it easier to sail downwind with a preventer system that can be adjusted from the cockpit.
  5. The Dutchman system was upgraded and modified.
  6.  A new Harken Roller Furling was installed.

And her Crew