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Wild winds

Last night we had wild winds of 30+ knots out of the South. A thunderstorm blew through around 0530 and winds shifted and are now from the West. The winds are stronger but we are in the lee of the island so it is calmer now on the boat.

Whale Sighting

During our Gulf Stream crossing Sue spotted a whale frolicking on the surface. Thankfully the whale stayed clear of us and we steered away from the whale.

Neat to see. These are not the best pictures but if you look hard you can see the the center.

Gulf Stream Current

Note the difference between the compass heading of 120 degrees and the course over ground on the chart plotter which says 84 degrees. This is because the gulf stream is running north so fast. We pointed the boat east southeast and end up going almost due east. 

Our speed over ground averaged a bit over 6 knots.